Travel Steam Iron: World’s Smallest Palm-Sized Iron

Wherever you travel; a compact and versatile way is to look wrinkle-free and impressive. A powerful travel iron within a 5-inch by 3-inch is helpful in removing wrinkles from packed clothing. It is same as a standard iron but on a smaller scale, Travel Steam Iron involves convenient features to fit in your luggage very easily.

It is the smallest steam iron with a powerful ability to crisp creases and eliminate wrinkles. It is sturdy enough for daily use at home but so compact and lightweight that you can carry it along with you on a trip. While trying to iron in and around the pleats and pockets, the travel steam iron with its mini non-stick soleplate will reach the places where bigger irons cannot.

College going youngsters who are living away from home will definitely love its portability and ease of use.

This is one of the best Travel gadgets for women and men also. It has multiple features like three fabric heating levels and 420-watt motor, this mini travel steam iron is the tiniest iron of its kind in the world. This compact device is approximately a little larger than the size of a computer mouse and can be very useful for business or professional travelers who are on the road and require removing the inevitable wrinkles from packed clothing.

This iron is the perfect travel gadget for women as this palm-sized travel iron occupies minimum space in your luggage.


Some Amazing Features of Travel Steam Iron


Power with Precision

This iron is one of the best travel gadgets for women that is perfectly designed to give you great results wherever you are. All credit to its unique ergonomic grip and powerful steam, removing creases is as effective and easy as when you use a regular iron.

Steam Boost

Steam boost helps remove difficult or persistent creases easily.

Carry Pouch

You can keep your iron in the carry pouch when you are on the go.

Soft Grip to Iron Comfort

The soft grip of travel steam iron is useful for comfortable ironing even during the longer sessions.

  1. Vertical steam in hanging fabrics

This amazing iron has the feature of vertical steam function for wrinkle removal in hanging fabrics.

  1. Suitable for using with tap water


Other Features

  • Its 420-watt steam iron removes shrinkages from almost any type of fabric.
  • This gadget has water reservoir with the capacity of 1.4 oz that heats up in just 15 seconds and it also includes a plastic measuring cup that enables easy refilling.
  • Travel steam iron has a Non-stick Soleplate and dual voltage for travel convenience. It also has a switch that changes the voltage from 110 to 220 for using at domestic or international level.


Major Specifications:


Watts 260-420
Water Capacity 1.4 oz
Heating Time 1 min
Item Weight .96 lbs.
Item Height 3.07 in.
Item Depth 5.2 in.
Item Width 2.99 in.
Power Cord Length 7.5ft
Power Cord Plug Type 2-Pin Polarized
Warranty 1 year
Hertz 60HZ
Volts 120V
Water Fill Method Measuring Cup

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