Beautify your Pictures With the Amazing Selfie Stick Apps

Everyone is living in the age of selfie. Craze of selfies is increasing day by day. No matter you are in a party or getting ready for a program, selfies will always add up to your fun. And to add even more beauty and charm to your selfies, groupie or homie you will require the all new selfie stick app. 

Selfie sticks are the accessories of Smartphone that permits you to hold your camera phone away from your body and click a self portrait or group shot that does not add your own arm. These are y are super famous now. But most irritating part of taking a selfie with selfie stick is the stretched out your arm that is visible in a image. So the best alternative is Selfie Stick App.

Some Selfie Stick Apps that are in Demand


  • Shake! Selfie Stick

Use selfie stick with without having to stretch no more stretching your arms that is only possible by is now possible with the latest Selfie Stick App. Just stretch your arm to turn on apps self timer. You simply shake the selfie stick to turn on the timer and with no more shake; you can turn on self-pause utility. Taking selfies is easier than ever before.

Try this Selfie Stick Apps that stands out clearly with user friendly interface and easy-modern design.

  • Frontback for Android and iOS

Utilizing Frontback app, you can capture a picture of an item with your rear camera and a selfie of yourself with your front camera, demonstrating your reaction concerning to your object at the same moment. This Selfie Stick App automatically combines both separate images into one.

By sharing the picture on the social media platforms (by Frontback app), your associates or friends not just see what are you looking but what are you thinking regarding it, as well.

  • Stable Camera

Stable camera doesn’t require extra shutter button. It can capture automatically if you hold onto your phone motionlessly for a while.

Though, timer bar will reset if you shake your phone. The bar will grow up just when your phone is stable. If you are not prepare for capturing, you can simply move the phone or touch the display to make timer bar reset.

To save the time, after capturing the picture, you can shake or move the phone to save the picture and start next shoot or you can also set auto save mode to stop preview picture in setting page.

You can set the interval time to hold the phone motionlessly to capture (2 or 4 or 6 seconds). Apart from this, you can also set camera related functions in setting page like back camera/switch front, self timer, flash turn on/off, camera resolution and special effects.

  • Selfie Camera

Selfie Camera app for the most popular selfie stick monopods and tripods with cable or Bluetooth buttons. Now you can click the monopod button and bring photos on your phone. If your monopod has some buttons, you can adjust the function for every button (such as captures, change camera, zoom…) Only run “Monopod Connection Wizard” from the manifold preferences.

For highly developed users, here is a window for the research commands obtained from the monopod. Surely the program utilized as a camera without a monopod. Picture shot can be completed by tapping the screen or pressing the volume button.

Supported monopods are: wii, kjstar, yunteng, selftimer and many more.  

  • Wide Angle Selfie

It is a free selfie stick app, which comes with a burst mode to capture four selfies in a row without you keeping your finger on the shutter again and again. The Wide Angle Selfie allows you to capture three different shots to catch everyone in- left, right and middle that can be merged together.They are useful for iPhone, . For the android phones, try Pro Capture that has a large shot mode to enlarge the view.

At present these Selfie Stick Apps are helpful and no one’s leaving to take your camera away.

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