How to Use an Electrical Nose Hair Trimmer? Video

The chances of ingrown hair in the nostrils are lesser when you use an Electric nose trimmers compared to plucking with a pair of tweezers, and a pain free procedure. Get the knack of trimming your nose hair without any unpleasant accidents. Follow these steps and also watch the video for clearer instructions on how to use your electrical nose hair trimmer.

 Steps to Use an Electrical Nose Hair Trimmer


  1. Good Lighting– make sure your have good lighting when rummaging through nose hair. It’s also a safety precaution.
  2. Magnifying Mirror– It provides better close-up to see which area needs the most trimming. A standard mirror will force you to lean in more for better views.
  3. Clean out your Nose– Since it can get tricky in the nostrils, get rid of all boogers and mucus. Blow your nose and clean your nose thoroughly with a warm or a wet washcloth before you use an electric nose hair trimmer.
  4. Separate Noise Hair— Take a wet cloth or napkin to spread out the nose hair in the nostrils for seamless cutting.
  5. Put the Electric Nose Hair Trimmer at the entrance of your nostril and turn on the machine. Began with the lower hair, and move to the point till where you do not feel any discomfort.


Watch Video Here:


Source: “ElectricShaverGuide

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