Watch How You can Change the Battery of your Car Safely

The one thing that most of you forget to do in your car is to check is the expiration of your car battery. It goes unnoticed since batteries rarely give trouble. So on one fine the battery discharges for good and you are stuck helpless somewhere far from the service station. To avoid such trouble, check the battery for a sticker that shows the date of purchase and an estimated battery life.

Safely record this information in your owner’s manual and replace the car battery on time before it dies out. This way you won’t end up with an unexpected dead car battery. To remove a dead car battery you will need an adjustable wrench, a couple of clean lint-free rags, a pair of disposable latex gloves, some water and baking soda, a battery brush, and an inexpensive pair of safety goggles.

Watch Video Here:

Source: “Ask the Mechanic

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