A Step Towards Healthier Lifestyle with Garmin Fitness Band

Run, walk, exercise and keep moving! This is the most common reply that you will get from anyone to whom you ask for a fitness advice. Though it is hard to quantify that how much working out or physical activity is important to keep yourself healthy and fit but it is certainly important to keep yourself indulge in some physical activity. This not only keeps your body active but also gives your mind stability.

Keeping an eye on your physical activities is another important aspect that can help you in analyzing the situation and finding out what are the areas that you need to concentrate more and where you are doing enough of exercise. Technology can be a good take in this case, an activity tracker or commonly referred as fitness band can be used for the purpose. There are lots and lots of companies that manufactures fitness band as it is genuinely a very useful product and can help you in keeping the track on your physical activities thus keeping you fit always.

Garmin Fitness Band are the most popular fitness bands among the users. People prefer buying the fitness bands of that Garmin manufactures as better quality, accurate results and attractive designs have took over all the other brands when we talk about fitness bands. Fitness bands or activity tracker is always a good idea but if you choose a better brand for it you always be satisfied by the results. An activity tracker of a good company is always reliable and will be even more useful. With simple functional activities this fitness bands are extremely reliable.


Fitness Band that Works as per Your Requirements

  • Keeps a check on your activity level and based on this it assigns a personalized daily goal
  • It monitors your steps, display steps calorie count and even the total distance you have covered.
  • Pairs with your heart rate and also monitors it for fitness activities.
  • Comes with a battery life of 1+ year and it is water resistant
  • It saves, plan and shares the progress that you’ve made at Garmin Connect

You should take steps to keep yourself healthy today, tomorrow and always and most of the time you already know the active steps that you are taking to yourself it. Tough it seems simple to get off the chair at your work place but it is not always to do it, no matter what the reason is.

Here comes the requirement of Garmin Fitness Band that will turn your good intentions in lifelong habits. This fitness band is the only fitness band to make the acquaintance of personalized daily goals and track your progress and reminds you at your right time to move.

Technical Information of Garmin Fitness band

Item Weight 1 ounces
Product Dimensions 0.4 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches
Item model number 010-01225-00
Batteries 2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Display Size 1 inches
Warranty 1 year limited
Battery Life 8760 hours


Get Connected and Keep Moving with it:

Want to have a look at the complete picture of your progress? If yes, you can do it with the blink of your eye! You just have to touch a button and you can effortlessly get connected and see the graph of your progress. You can also join the virtual badges if you are looking for extra motivation.

If you are looking for better health and you are ready to take a new step towards it then you should take advantage of the additional features that Garmin Fitness Band that will surely keep you motivated. You have an option of using a heart rate monitor to record the heart rate and zone data. Get accurate calorie burn information for any fitness activity like your running or walk or cardio activity. You also have an option of joining online challenges with other users and have a healthy competition with them.

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