Enter the new Generation Of Scanning with Fuel3d Scanner

Fuel3D scanner is the new generation scanner which scans your images or data in 3D form. This scans an image in just 10th of a second. The technology use is a combination of stereoscopic and photometric data. It can capture up to 350 microns using Xenon LED flash bulbs. Fuel3D scanner does no use laser or infrared. Not only does it capture the colour but also the shape of the image/object. Fuel3D scanner can create splendid artwork and high resolution projects for assignments.

Your computer should have specifications like 2GB RAM, 1GB hard disk space, dual-core processor to operate the scanner. Fuel3D scanner can be used for plants, statues, human forms, painting, fabrics, etc. This scanner is user friendly and the outcome is great since you have an option to do minor edits to the scanned image for better results. Since the Fuel3D scanner not very expensive and is said to be below $ 1500 (INR 1,02,383.17), it provides classic results. Therefore,“iReviews” has listed the Fuel3D scanner under “2015 Best 3D scanners”.

Watch Video Here:


Source: “TecHyper

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