Top Budget Gaming Headset to Enhance Your Gaming Audio

Xbox 360 X – Talk Gaming Headset

The X-Talk Wired Headset is amazing gaming headset that offers high quality stereo sound while playing XBOX 360 LIVE. The headset includes a highly reliable microphone with adjustable boom so that it can be used on either side i.e. in-line volume control and a mute switch. Another amazing feature that it holds is a 6ft cables that connects to your XBOX 360 controller.

Xbox 360 X

Lenovo P950 Gaming Headset

An amazing way to upgrade your auditory senses that to at an amazing price. The Budget Gaming Headset comes at an unbelievable price and unleashes an all new combination of functionalities and comfort that you have been looking for from a long time. This not only intensifies the thrill or other sound based applications but gives you an experience like never before. It simply does not matter that you use the headphone for simple calls or skype calls or any other purpose but we assure you that you will have better sound quality while your conversations or any music that you are enjoying. Listening songs or watching a thriller movie be even more fun with the incredible gaming headset.

Lenovo P950 Gaming Headset

Logitech G130 Gaming Headset

This wireless handset allows you to play your favorite games for as long as you want because the thrilling sound of the Budget Gaming Headset keeps you going; without making you feel irritated with the long usage of headphones. Few qualities of the headset that will keep you comfortable for longer time while playing games with your favorite Logitech Gaming Headset G130 includes the adjustable headband and full-size ear cups.  It adds up to your enjoyment while playing your favorite games. Keeps you keen and allows you to hear your enemies before they see you. This happens because of the impressive sound quality that is mainly designed or tuned up for amazing gaming experience with powerful bas and a clear high end-plus noise-isolating ear cups.

The loud and clear sound of the microphone reduces the infuriating background noise thus giving you even clearer and crystal sound and intelligible voice commands. It rotates out of the way when you are not using it.

System Requirements:

You have to keep in mind the basic system requirement of this incredible budget gaming headset. The following are the platforms on which you can use this head set comfortably: Window XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 Analog connection with 3.5 mm input and output jacks Package Contents: Headset User documentation.

Logitech G130 Gaming Headset

E-Blue Cobra Series Professional Gaming Headset

If you want to have perfect gaming experience and looking for Budget Gaming Headset then E-Blue Cobra Series Professional Headset is going to be the best choice for you. This is a precisely engineered headset that features 40mm foldable dynamic drivers. It consists of highly sensitive microphone made up of rubber to provide you perfect and crystal clear voice quality.

The all new E-Blue Cobra Series Professional Gaming Headset comes with rotatable microphone on the Flexible bow and also the adjustable overhead suspension made up stainless steel that makes it fit right on the head and keeps you comfortable. It is designed in a way that it keeps you comfortable and easy to wear. One size fits all elastic headbands. If you want perfect listening experience then this is the best choice you could ever make. This is just ultimate for Professional PC gaming.

E-Blue Cobra Series Professional Gaming Headset

DreamGear PS4 Prime Wired Gaming Headset:

The perfect and Budget Gaming Headset DreamGear PS4 is a prime wired gaming headset that comes with 15 foot long gaming cable so that it can directly be plugged into your TV for enhancing your gaming audio. It enhances the sound quality as compared to other headphones that are connected to DS4 controller and thus providing crisp and clear sound quality. Another specialty of this headset is that it comes with independent game and chat volume control and also a high performance microphone with flexible boom.
The cushioned pads cover the entire ears and provide you special comfort by completely covering them.

Along with it also have an LED glow effect of blue color that surrounds the ear pads. The over-the-ear cushioned pads provide greater comfort while putting it on and playing games also the Blue LED lights incorporated creates a stylish blue glow effect around the ear pads. Crisp amplified sound and a high performance microphone with flexible boom translate into the ultimate gaming experience. This headset is ideal for online gaming on the PlayStation Network. Enjoy the superior sound experience!
DreamGear PS4 Prime Wired Gaming Headset

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