Evaluate the Kicking Performance with Adidas Smart Ball

The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is the future of Football. It’s a FIFA permitted football that informs you not only how hard you’ve hit it or how much spin you’ve used but also informs you about the actual impact zones and flight trajectories of the ball.

With the Adidas Smart Ball you can perfectly tune your technique and kick like an expert with immediate feedback on power, strike, spin and trajectory, along with special tips and guidance.

The smart ball’s exclusive sensor creation allows you to understand fine tune and dead ball kicking method with instant feedback on strike, power, spin and trajectory.

Kick data is instantly sent back to the joint iOs or Android app through Bluetooth Smart, this enables the users to enhance their technique for power, bend and knuckle balls.

Enhance the concentration of your ability to manage strike and direct the soccer ball so that, your ‘on-pitch’ skills are at their best.

How Does it Work?

A sensor package, smartly balanced and protected in the center of the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball, evaluates the forces put on the ball for the duration of its flight. Utilizing the proprietary algorithms, the gathered information is used to determine the speed, foot-strike point, spin and trajectory of the kick. The ball delivers all this information by Bluetooth to the miCoach smart ball app on your iOS gadget where it predicts and visualizes the entire path of the ball as well, even if you kick it adverse to a wall.

Characteristics of Adidas Smart Ball:


  • Integrated sensor within the ball distinguishes speed, strike, spin and flight path data immediately and passes on kick data to the miCoach app on your Smartphone, friendly with iOS 7 and Android 4.3 and advanced gadgets with Bluetooth Smart connectivity.
  • Companion app takes and demonstrates near real-time feedback on power, strike, spin and trajectory and consist of library of ball-mastery videos with coaching tips, drills and guidance to aid improve ball touch and handling.
  • App features: Tips for kick and training for bend, power and knuckle balls; capture the video with your kick to assist perfect technique; demonstrate your ability with power and pro challenge; record your progress in the Record Book; share your excellent kicks with your friends or buddies.
  • Ball feel and response is similar to the common ball; size 5 regulation weights, 32-panel quality thermal bonded ball with included sensor package.
  • Battery life: Rechargeable battery, about 2,000 kicks in a week; Charging time: one an hour; Package consists of charging base and AC power plug.
  • Heat-welded die-cut TPU outer panels; TPU bladder.
  • Imported

Technical Details

Batteries Included:             Yes

Brand:                                  adidas miCoach

Color:                                    Multi

Number of Pieces:            1

Tech Specs

Power source:                   AC

Length: Diameter:            8.66 in./22 cm

Width: Circumference:   27 in./68.6 cm

Weight:                              26 oz./737 g (ball and charger)

The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball helps you develop your dead-kick method by giving instant feedback on the trajectory, power, strike and spin accuracy of your kick. Featuring incorporated sensors, the enabled smart ball tells you anything you want to know to develop your kick, while keeping the weight and the feel of regulation soccer ball size 5.

Improve your Game

This app gives instant feedback and evaluation of your kicking performance. Watch tutorials to aid you expert new techniques challenge yourself to use power with control, try to replicate the kicks of expert football players and keep your best kicks every day.

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